News|July 24, 2012 12:52 pm

TV or films, I need to be part of something interesting- Nikita Anand

Known majorly for her anchoring skills, model turned actress Nikita Anand is making moves to make her mark in films in her trademark way. After walking the ramp and hosting sports shows, which earned her the sobriquet of a perkilicious beauty, Nikita, now is gearing up for a different innings in B-Town with her current film Four Two Ka One.

Says an all perked up Nikita about her career moves,

I was already into modeling when I went for the Miss India pageant. In fact, I enjoyed all the stints that I undertook all these years. Post the pageant, I did anchoring, which I truly enjoyed.

Nikita maintains having preconceived notions about any kind of profession does not lead to productive portfolio in life.

I don’t look at things with a preconceived notion, so don’t find any feat difficult or challenging.

says Nikita who feels she was lucky to have had a chance to multi-task worthy enough to be called a teetotaler.

But honestly, none of my stints have been easy tasks. Modeling, TV and films — of these none was too easy a task nor did I find those too challenging formats in any of those. The only difference being I find TV a more engaging medium with an interactive format.

That’s what Nikita has been craving for since her foray into the showbiz.

I want to be part of something that’s engaging – be it films or TV,” she says. However, Nikita well understands that there are two sides of the same coin. So with excitement, there is also a hectic lifestyle as a result. Leaving aside the frantic lifestyle that entertainment offers, work is anyway quite exciting. The only flip side being it’s ‘erratic’.

says the beauty who feels her experience with theatre and drama in school helped her do films.

Amid the cutthroat competition and the need to survive, Nikita feels,

There’s hardwork in everything. What makes or breaks you is your mindset on which everything depends.

On her TV experience, Nikita says,

I was anxious during my first show on TV when I anchored a sports show. But later, overcame that feeling and really enjoyed anchoring on TV.

At the same time, Nikita wants to explore new frontiers on TV. “I would not limit myself to only sports shows. Of course, I enjoy watching cricket. Love watching India play any other side. I don’t have a set of favourite cricketers as such because they keep rotating!”

While everyone seems to be smitten by the social networking bug, Nikita feels it’s better to be laggard so far as this platform is concerned.

Only a year ago that I joined the social networking brigade.

says Nikita who adds,

I keep it to basic communication level. I can do without it as well. Of course, it’s a nice way to connect with people you don’t know. Even though there are some who hate you on the networking platform, it’s interactive anyway. I quite like to ping, read and do yoga during my spare time.

On the personal front, Nikita says, “I don’t have time to settle down at this point of time.”