News|July 21, 2010 5:47 pm

Trishna: I Am A Bit Reserved By Nature

Trishna the South Actress who has doen many fillums in South is making her Debut in Bollywood with Khatta Meetha as lead with Akshay Kumar,

Even though Trishna is in films since 8 years, she still feels nervous whenever she goes on the shoot for the first time, The Producer and co-star Akshay Kumar noticed it and tried to make her comfortable.

When asked Trishna about the same, she said

That’s right, I wasn’t interacting much with people during my early days Khatta Meetha. Also, for every actor the first couple of days on any film are a little awkward since you are playing a new character. I was in the same state for Khatta Meetha as well.
In any case, I am a bit reserved by nature. Also, I was a little tense about dialogues because this is my first Hindi film. This is where Akshay came in and told me what he thought about me.

He said that girls in Mumbai talk so much while I was just opposite to them as I was so much quieter. For him, it was such a new experience after all, I told him ‘Ok, I take your feedback. I will now make an effort to change myself’. Credit to him actually for making me feel so much more involved. He is such a veteran and could have easily opted to stay in his own world but he still made an effort.