News|May 20, 2010 1:07 am

Thanks to Gulzar, Mani Ratnam’s Raavan got New Song

Mani Ratnam not only generous to his actors but also other members who are part of the film. Being a generous, he also got a new song for his movie, Raavan as return gift from lyricist, Gulzar, who was overwhelmed by the filmmaker’s humbleness.

The story starts, when Mani sent the poet-lyricist a note after the release of Ravaan’s music, congratulating Gulzar for the song. Gulzar says,

“In my entire career I’ve never received such a heartwarming endorsement of my work. I received a note from Mani Ratnam congratulating me and saying he’s very proud of the music. And look at the humility of this genius. No filmmaker has ever sent me a note like this. Mani is the only one. And this one gesture has enhanced my respect for him even more.”

Gulzar not only received his gesture, but also an especial screening for which the poet flew down to Chennai recently. As return gift, Gulzar gifted him new song, ‘Ab iss shareer ke sirey khol dey/Aur goongi aatma ko bol dey”. Recounting his memories, Gulzar said,

“After editing ‘Raavan’, Mani wanted me to watch the film. No filmmaker invites even the technical crew for a preview, let alone the lyricist. I flew down to Chennai to watch the film. I’d never do something like this for anyone else. This is how strongly I feel about this man’s humility and greatness.”