News|January 31, 2011 9:40 pm

Tere Bin Laden’s Sequel Coming Soon!

The trend of sequels is on full mode. Soon we will be watching the sequel of critically-acclaimed movie, Pakistani popstar Ali Zafar, Tere Bin Laden. Rumors are there that director Abhishek Sharma is quietly working on the project.

Apparently, this time Ali Zafar will produce the film along with Pooja Sheety. Although, Sharma confesses that he is working on the story but he didn’t much more about the flick,

“It’s a possibility but I am not sure when is it going to happen. Pooja, Aarti and I feel that only if the sequel is better than the original, will we make it. Right now I’m working on a fresh script.”

Let’s wait till the time we bring more news about the flick.