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Tanu weds Manu

Here are the Wedding bells for Kangana Ranaut and R Madhavan in their upcoming film Tanu Weds Manu,

Director and Producer Aanand L Rai has a comedy love story to tell us in which Madhavan & Kangana are going to help him to convey it to us,

the movies moset part is ging to be shoot in North India and most of it is done too, Kangana and Madhavan were in love with the script when they heard it and said yes in one go,

lead actor madhavan was first selected for the movie but finding the actress was a bit long process, and when kangana agreed to do the role , Anand Rai didnt even took one min to announce the lead actress, and started the shoot, this is going to be a comedy movie for kangana after her serious roles in earlier movies, she is also doing another comedy movie with Akshay khanna named No Problem, this year kangana will be showing her different roles in different movies like, kite, no problem, and tanu weds manu, these movies are very different from eachother, audiance is going to get a treat from kangana this year.

Kangna is first time paired with Madhavan and it was Anand Rai’s idea to show a brand new pair in his movie that will give a fresh feeling to the audiance after seeing same old pairs together in different movies, and according to Anand Rai audiance will enjoy watching this new pair.

apart from the movie being comedy the characters names are also given similar ways Manu will be Kangna’s character and Tanu will be Madhavan’s character.even kangana is excited about her pairing with Madhavan because she has never worked with him.
the film is started already from september 2009 and is going to be released on 16th December 2010

another funny story about the film is that people has mis spelled it many time and that is why its clearly mentioned on its official site that the movie is spelled as “Tanu weds Manu” and not “Tannu Weds Mannu”, so whenever you want to search for the movie , pelase put one “n” and not two.