News|April 19, 2012 2:26 pm

Sunny and Poonam are no competition: Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam, the bong bombshell, is in a surprisingly relaxed mood these days as she is promoting her B-wood film, “Hate Story”.

Relaxed, because even the news of the Censor Board wielding its scissors on the film’s lovemaking scenes fails to ruffle her feather.

I don’t know much about it, honestly, as I am busy promoting the film,” she shrugs apologetically before moving on to other topics. The other topics being her B-wood entry. Be it her wish to be painted nude by the late MF Hussain, or even rumours of the film’s maker Vivek Agnihotri asking her to strip bare – have been the stuff of gossip mills for long now.

Paoli reacts to questions on nudity with a shrugs, saying,

When you are in limelight then some nonsense gossip keeps following you and the same happened with me. I don’t know from where all this news comes up. The most shocking was the one about the maker of my upcoming film, Vivek Agnihotri, asking me to strip all in front of him during the audition for the film! Such stories are nothing but the overworked imagination of some.

But mention her competition among the latest entrants, who too are making news for their racy revelations – read Sunny Leone, the import from USA’s adult industry, or even Poonam Pandey who after promising to strip if India won the Wold Cup last year, is all set to play herself in a “bold” film – and Paoli becomes animated.

Why would their entry in Bollywood bother me? It’s true that apart from me Sunny and Poonam would also be making their Bollywood debut and they are also doing bold roles, but I frankly I don’t take them as any competition. Bollywood is a huge place to work and if you are talented enough then you would get your share of work.

she replies emphatically.

Paoli, known for a racy image on screen – her international film “Chatrak” too created controversy for much the same reasons – says she has always preferred playing bold characters on screen.

As an actress, I think beyond boldness. Making a debut in Bollywood with a bold character was not my conscious decision. I love roles that have layers in them. In my upcoming film my character is full of layers. Audiences would get to see my professional, romantic, sexy and revengeful shades in the film. As for “Chatrak”, I think it should not be compared to my upcoming film. That would be unfair.

says Paoli.

Apart from playing bold roles Paoli is also doing a Bengali film based on the Rabindranath Tagore’s creation “Char Odhyay”. “Being Bengali working on Rabindranath Tagore’s creation is a matter of pride for me.This film is a period film set in the pre-independence era.”