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Subhash Ghai speaks about Kaanchi

Kaanchi will be Subhash Ghai’s next film coming after four years, Subhash Ghai speaks about his film and his actresses whoes names always starts from ‘M’, so here is the Showman talking about his films and actresses.

It is a misconception that Subhash Ghai remanes his actresses,

I only renamed Mahima as her real name is Ritu and at that time there was another actress of the same name. Mishti is from Kolkata, and she is 21 years old.

How did Mishti happened ?

More than 240 girls auditioned for the role but most were devoid of talent. The ones who were talented were not good looking.

I liked her pictures and decided to call her to Mumbai. We made her go through various screen tests for six days. I must say she came out with flying colours. She is an actress of Kajol’s calibre.

The film is scheduled to go on floors on February 18 and with so little time left, Mishti is already taking extensive training in acting, speech, dancing and martial arts.

Talking about lead actro Kartik Tiwari Ghai said,

I didn’t audition Kartik. I knew he holds promise.

Why Ghai selects newcommers for his films ?

I don’t want to beg for dates. Recently, one established heroine wrote to me saying she wanted to work with me but demanded I tell him the name of the hero she would be cast with. I am not interested in working with such people who do not have faith in the director and his subject. I want to work with actors who have full faith in me and are passionate about their work. Did I not make Ram Lakhan with Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff when they had four flops behind them ?