News|October 16, 2012 10:50 am

Students of the Year nervous and excited!

Student Of The Year (SOTY) is ready for release this Friday and the young cast of the film is excited and nervous as they wait for the box office reaction.

It’s actually now hitting us that the film is releasing on Friday. It has been really hectic with all the promotions, but I am really going to miss all this. I also feel nervous and it keeps coming and going along with all the excitement.

Alia Bhatt.

Directed by Karan Johar, SOTY is a coming-of-age story that tracks the myriad emotions one goes through while on way from youth to adulthood.

Newcomers Siddharth and Varun are also experiencing mixed feelings.

Sometimes we are excited, sometimes we are nervous. We are eagerly waiting for the film to release Oct 19 and see how people accept it.

said Siddharth.

Varun said:

It’s our first film, so nerves are kicking in actually, but at the same time we are excited that the audience will finally go and see it because we have worked all this while for the film. Whether the film is good or bad everything is up to them now.