News|March 19, 2011 1:46 pm

Stanley Ka Dubba

The Kaminey debutant and creative Director of Taare Zameen Par is coming up with yet another film which revolves around Kids named ‘Stanley Ka Dubba’ in association with Fox Star Studios.

When asked to speak about the film, Amol Said,

I have started directing it. I won’t like to reveal anything about the film except that I am also acting in it to give it some value with a few actors from the industry.

We have also found out that Gupte who is a Painter and a Musician, producing films today used to earn Rs.30 per day.

While talking about that, he said,

Production is not such a big deal. With your wits in place, you can get it through. And money is no problem, when a film brings in Rs.140 crore [‘Taare Zameen Par’], then every second person looks into it (considers you) because of an unfortunate herd mentality.

When he was asked, why he makes Childrens films, he said,

Nobody works for them; so someone will have to. I’d like to address children cinema and pay respect to the children friends I have. It’s a continuous experience with them and all my films will be around them.

He had also made 10 Minute documentary named ‘Aansu Bane Moti’ for children.

Stanley Ka Dubba will Release on 13 May 2011.