News|May 30, 2012 4:56 pm

SRK is arrogant and Cruel : Kolkattans

Even after winning IPL, SRK is still being dragged in bad limelight. His no show at winning KKR team’s road show has annoyed Kolkattans as they were standing for long hours under scorching sun to see the superstar.

Fans were disappointed when they didn’t spot SRK anywhere; some fans cursed him and said he was arrogant and cruel.

“He is so cruel to be not present. We bunked our classes and have been standing in the sun for over two hours to see him. We are disappointed to say the least,”

a college student said, speaking for his group.

Shahrukh Khan’s no show highly upsets the Kolkatans.

“It is a consolation to see Gambhir and his team. We had come here to see Shah Rukh. We now feel like fools after braving the sun for so long,”

said a teenager.

When SRK was asked about the same he said he didn’t wanted to steal the limelight from the players as they were the real heroes and the whole credit for the win goes to them.