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SRK Breaks the KKR contract with Lux Cozy owner Todis

Shahrukh khan has taken the contract back from Todis the Lux Cozy brand owners, because of the controversies going on with them.

Sharukh was also going to advertise Lux in IPL for his team Kolkata Knight Riders, but now that wont happen, Kolkatas Todis are accused for Rizwanur Rehman the Todis Daughters husbands suicide right after a month of his marriage with Priyanka(Todis daughter).

It is also in news that Rizwanur’s mother had requested Shahrukh Khan to take the deal back with Todis

Also this was not accepted by muslim groups that Shahruk is going to get in contract with Lux Cozy, and finally SRK has taken the cortract back and is not going to do any adds for Lux Cozy and not even going to advertise them in IPL.