News|December 14, 2011 3:24 pm

Sonu Niigaam: Nevaan too young to be over exposed

Since Nevaan the son of Singer Sonu Nigaam has sung the most liked song ‘Kolaveri Di’, Nevaan has been in news, but Sonu Nigaam does not want and also according to him he is too young to be exposed to camera,

Sonu said,

He is too small, he is just four years old, so he couldn’t have done this for himself. As his father, I thought I should record his childhood thing. I want to protect him right now, He is too young to be over-exposed,

Sonu started his singing career at the age of three with his father on stage for a Mohammad Rafi song,

he said,

We did it only for the posterity’s sake. We never thought that it will be such a big hit. I knew that if it is put on YouTube, it will have lots of hits, but didn’t know that it will become so big,

Sonu is currently working on an English album ‘Spirit Unfolding’.