News|May 11, 2011 2:16 pm

Sonu Nigam’s new car gets rammed into

A Weeks old Range Rover Vogue Sonu Nigam’s New car got creshed with a bike,

Sonu on sunday went to Gateway Of India to participate in a youth rally and the huge fan group got excited to click a photo with him and their the incident happened,

Sources explained,

This Sunday, he drove the car accompanied by his manager to the Gateway of India to participate in a youth rally.

A huge crowd had gathered. On their way back, fans trailed him for a while on a motorbike, eventually crashing into the vehicle that arrived at his place just three days ago.

The guy driving the two-wheeler, got to his feet, fleeing the scene leaving his friend behind.

Though Sonu felt bad about his new car getting scratched, he also realised that the guy didn’t do it on purpose.

So instead of screaming at him, he calmly told the guy who got left behind, not to risk his life like that. To the fan’s surprise, Sonu also got a picture clicked with the guy before leaving.

Sonu’s Manager Said,

The paint from the rear of the car has come off and it has gone to the service center for repair. We still have to receive the bill. It will amount to nearly a lakh.