News|July 19, 2010 5:34 pm

Sonam Kapoor’s Man

Sonam Kapoor Spoke about her Dream Man at one of her interivews for her forthcoming fillum ‘Aisha’ after ‘I hate Luv Storys’ supper success,

She was asked aboht how does she think her Man Must be,
She said,

Oh it may sound cliched to you, but what turns me on in a guy is his kindness and intelligence. He should be funny and have a respectful nature. Good looks goes without saying. But what I will judge him most on is how well he gets along with my family.

Has she ever been on a date with anyone ? how was it?
here is what she repleied,

A friend of mine wanted to test if we could take our friendship a step further. He asked me if I would like to go on a date with him. I was 17 years old then and readily agreed. I tried my level best to dress up for the date. He took me to a Mexican restaurant and we ordered food. I’m allergic to shellfish, but I forgot all about that. I had taken a few bites of the shellfish dish and my face started swelling. It was most unromantic. Since then we’ve stuck to only being friends.

Her idea of a perfect Date is,

I don’t like the idea of a date where you have to force yourself to have a conversation with your man; I don’t like such complications. Food is the way to my heart! I love Thai, Punjabi and Japanese cuisine; no, on second thoughts, I love good food. Period. So, an ideal date for me would be dinner, a film and a long drive.
And girls, a little black dress, killer heels, soft looking skin and a great smell will never let you down. Just walk in confidently and steal your man!

like all the girls wish, do you also wish to have your Man just like your Daddy?

My dad is protective of Rhea and me, but I would only fall for a guy who stands up to him without disrespecting him. My dad has been immensely good with our friends. He’s a sweetheart. But that doesn’t mean that I want someone just like him. I don’t really have a role model for the kind of guy I want.