News|March 22, 2012 11:45 am

Sonam Kapoor is all for girl power!

We all know of Sonam Kapoor as a girl with great fashion sense and great looks, what recently got discovered is the soft corner that she has for the women in the world.

The self-proclaimed feminist has a new agenda. Recently, at an event about ‘woman power’, the girly Sonam took a rather strong stance and got talking about the make-up artistes’ association in Bollywood. She said

I recently discovered that female make-up artistes face a lot of difficulties acquiring a membership card from their association. Women aren’t allowed on the job. It’s just our make-up dadas who get through.

Sonam seemed visibly agitated by this policy and continued,

I don’t know the way forward, but somebody has to take up this cause and fight for our female make up artistes. I’ll try talking to people and see what happens.