News|May 1, 2010 11:46 pm

Sonam Kapoor Dating with Punit Malhotra

Sonam Kapoor is not only doing film with Punit Malhotra but some other rumors are also going around between them. Rumor are there that both of them dating together. Punit Malhotra is debuting with his directorial film ‘I hate Luv Stories’.

Though Punit and Sonam both of them denied with their relationship but as per sources both of them have gone out for dinner together. Talking about Sonam, Punit says,

“All that is being written about Sonam and me is rubbish. I am very much single.”

Shiraz Siddique, a common friend of Punit and Sonam, thrown a private party and as per sources both of them seen together, but same time, Shiraz says,

“There were more than 50 guests. They were seen getting into their respective cars but that’s simply because their cars were parked nearby. Stories linking him with Sonam bother Punit, but there is little he can do. But it hasn’t changed their warm relationship.”