News|January 18, 2013 3:10 pm

Sonakshi Sinha: I hate all kinds of exercise

Sonakshi Sinha

That is the reason probably why we see her not so slim photos like other actresses, unlike other actresses, Sonakshi sinha doesn’t like working out or go for any kind of diet,

Sonakshi says,

After I finished college my only work was to go to the gym but I must confess that I hated it. I hate all kinds of exercising though I like to play sports and dance.

I had grown up on junk food so it was challenging to lose weight. I realized it was not good for my health so I started dieting and exercising to lose weight. I began thinking I was the queen of the world and I looked so hot!

There is a certain way I have been accepted in the industry. And there is no lack of work coming my way because of the two extra inches on my waist.