News|February 9, 2012 3:09 pm

“Some Hollywood romcoms can be really bad too” – Bipasha

‘Jodi Breakers’ is seeing good attention coming it’s way due to an inherent feel-good factor it carries coupled with the fact that it is one of those rare romcoms coming out of Bollywood. A first for Bipasha Basu and a rare outing for even Madhavan, especially when it comes to his Bollywood sojourn, the genre by itself is an unexplored territory for the actors. However, if the actors are to be believed, then it wasn’t just the romcom flavour of the film that lured them into signing this Ashwini Chaudhary directed film.

You know what, some of these Hollywood romcoms can be really bad too,” says Bipasha, “This genre may be comparatively new for us but then out there in the West, they come out on an everyday basis and some of them are really terrible. You watch them and realise that absolutely nothing is happening in them. They just drag on and on.

No wonder, Bipasha decided to bide her time before consenting to do a film belonging to this genre.

The best part about ‘Jodi Breakers’ is that it has been made with a lot of thought,” she adds, “It is a realistic comedy where laughs are coming just due to situations and dialogues. It isn’t as if there the director has resorted to slapstick in order to bring in any laughs. The story if the king here.

Now that Bipasha has done one romcom, she is sure that more would follow in years to come. She says,

You know what, I am inherently a very romantic person. I would love to do many more romcoms as I can just be myself there.