News|May 4, 2010 11:29 pm

Soha & Shiney Ahuja’s Film finally over

Since Shiney Ahuja was arrested for the chares of raping his housemaid, the fillum “Accident” that he was shooting with Soha Ali Khan was stuck.

Because of such incident Soha and Shiney had to separately shoot a scene even though the scene required both of them together.

Accident is director Abhijeet Chowdhary’s which was almost complete but because of one scene, the fillum got stuck after shiny went in Jail, but now after the bail, Producer Pritish Nandy and director Chowdhary managed to arragne the shoot with shiney in Delhi.

Now since the fillum is done Soha is relaxed and happy that the fillum is finally over and set to be released soon.