News|June 14, 2010 7:38 pm

Slumdog Girl, Rubina Set to Release her Autobiography

Remember the little girl “Rubina Ali Qureshi” who reached to the Oscar stage through her first film, “Slumdog Millionaire”.She is again in the news. This time not for her film but for her autobiography which she is ready to release in Marathi version.
The book titled “Majha Taryankade Pravas”, is a translated form of English version,Slumgirl Dreaming,written by Maitreyi Joshi.

Originally this book was written in French by Rubina in collaboration with a French author, Anne Berthod and later came the English version of it which was published by the New Delhi based publishing house.

The book narrates her inspiring journey from the darkness of the slum of Dharavi to the limelight of Oscar stage merely at the age of nine.

The publisher wanted to bring her story to each and every Marathi people and so decided to bring her autobiography in Marathi version. “It was indeed touching and amazing how a slumdweller reached so high in such a short time in her life. Rubina’s positive outlook and her sheer grit as she traversed the entire journey from Dharavi to Oscars can inspire many others,” said 52-year-old Joshi, a renowned Marathi writer for the print and electronic media.

Inspite of great success and fame she still lives in the filthy surroundings of GharibNagar slum where she feels quite unsafe and insecure. Her mentor and publicist, Dinesh Dubey said, “Rubina feels insecure and unsafe there. The flat promised by the Maharashtra government has not yet been allotted, while the budget sanctioned by the Jai Ho Trust is falling short given the spiralling realty rates in Bandra.” Presently she studies in class-III in Pali Chimbai School.

Meanwhile she is also preparing to work in another upcoming Hollywood movie. “Lord Owen’s lady” in which she might get the opportunity to work with Anthony Hopkins.