News|July 21, 2011 11:08 pm

Singham is not exactly like Tamil Version

Rohit Shetty after making Hindi version of Tamil film Singham is confident that his remake is different from the original,

Rohit Shetty said,

Yes, there is a twist in the tale and there is a new story towards the later part of the film. In fact instead of a routine climax where cars start flying around, Singham would have a climax which would be abound with dialogue baazi. Get ready for some vintage masala affair,

I thought that this was the kind of film that could be made in Hindi, I narrated the idea to Ajay and he was game for it. This is when we just took the germ of the idea and developed our own screenplay around it.

Its obvious that Hindi version has to be atleast bit of it in bollywood style to appeal to pan-India sensibilities.

Rohit said,

It is not really about North v/s South sensibilities here. It is more about the story which I am telling. In fact I am sure that when people down South would see my take on Singham, they would acknowledge the fact that it has a very different storyline to it, especially in the second half. Who knows, perhaps they may want to make their own Singham Part 2 and take rights of our film.

Singham is releasing on 22nd July 2011.