News|June 12, 2010 12:33 am

Singer: Boman Irani’s New Avtar

At the age of 40, when many actors think of their retirement, Boman Irani entered into Bollwyood in 2000 with Josh. After entertaining the audience for 10 years, now the photographer turned actor, Boman Irani is taking new avtar as the actor is turning into musician.

After performing a live performance on the guitar at the recently-concluded IIFA Award, now Boman has decided his ‘hobby’ to take one step further by going on a five-city tour with singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan. The duo will be performing at the Teacher’s Origin Highnights at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata, over the next month. Irani says,

“It’s not a concert as such, but Shankar and I will be performing songs together. I’ll be singing solo as well. I can’t reveal much about the songs at the moment, I’d rather let that be a surprise.”

“Let’s not be presumptuous and call me a musician. I’ve been a part of Teacher’s nights for years. This time, Shankar’s a part of it too, and so performing was obvious.”

“It’s fun to wear different hats as an actor. But if someone gives me a mike, thinking of me as a singer, it would be a disaster! I’m just lucky to get the opportunity to sing.”

Boman performed Give me some sunshine (3 Idiots) along with a Djembe player and a Sri Lankan children’s choir. He also said,

“I don’t like taking credit for things usually, but it was just an “idea”, so there’s no harm in saying that it was mine. But yes, right from the djembe player, to the idea of having kids in a choir, to the ‘star-with-a-guitar-solo’ idea, I had thought of the entire thing.”

“Playing the guitar was always an “unfulfilled desire. I had always dreamt of performing music live in front of an audience. But I’ve just been so lucky to get the incredible chance of performing with 50 children in front of thousands. People initially thought it was a gag, but when they realised I was serious, they were very encouraging.”