News|October 24, 2012 12:18 pm

Simi Grewal on Yash Chopra and more..

The whole of bollywood is shattered by Yash Chopra’s death and Simi Grewal is no exception. Simi Grewal and Yash Chopra’s wife are first cousins and in fact, she is the one who introduced them to each other.

Says Simi,

Pam’s father was in the Navy and was stationed in Delhi. She had accompanied me to a wedding where a lot of film folk including Yashji were present. Their marriage in 1970 was a grand affair with lots of naach gaana. I still remember actress Mumtaz dancing in the baaraat.

Simi adds that Yashji and Pam always liked music and dance.

She loved to sing Punjabi songs and would teach me how to sing with the right accent. Whatever Punjabi songs I know, I owe it to her. Pam had also learnt Bharatnatyam and I recall as youngsters during holiday time we would be dancing till 2 am. She would keep on saying tha thei thei thath till I would get the steps right.

Simi adds,

Initially, she would be there at the music sessions for Yashji’s films. Yashji would take a lot of inputs from her till the children (Aditya and Uday) came along. Yashji always remained a priority in Pam’s life. She was totally devoted to him.