News|September 18, 2011 5:49 pm

Shreyas and Minisha – The new bollywood Pranksters !

We have a new prankster duo in B-Town in shape of comic genius – Shreyas Talpade and his HUM TUM SHABANA co-star Minissha Lamba!

Sources say that the pair got along like a house on fire while shooting and recently on the last leg of the comedy film even pulled of a prank on the entire team! One of the scenes involved the duo to be jet setting on a speed boat on the beach and Shreyas initially told the crew he didn’t know how to use one…so the crew were quite apprehensive about going ahead with the scene, but nevertheless they continued… after a few rounds on the waves, director Sagar yelled “Cut”, but Shreyas continued riding the boat and sped away with Minissha until they no longer could be seen on the water!