News|October 18, 2009 12:53 pm

Shilpa gets no place


Well, the place we are referring to, here, is not any place in a movie, however, the venue for her marriage. Shilpa Shetty and sweetheart Raj Kundra have decided to tie the knot, and that too, in ammchi Mumbai, and not distant London. The date of their liaison was supposed to be this month, however, due to unavailability of a high rpofile elegant venue of their choice, their union stands postponed this time around.

Earlier Shilpa had postponed he marriage, since she was supposed to be shooting a movie opposite Sunny Deol,titled “The Man”, what happened, then, was, the movie got canned, and hence she again decided, that she does have time to tie the knot, this year itself. They then planned to get married at their Juhu home, however, the construction did not get completed in time.

And this time, too, their wedding date stands cancelled, but Shilpa is not dejected, she maintains that she and Raj will get married when the time and place is right, rather, perfect!