News|July 9, 2010 11:04 pm

Shiamak’s First Directorial Debut: A Slumdog Millionaire Goes Dancing

After Ahmed Khan, another choreographer, Shiamak Davar is going to direct his first film on slum children participating in a dance competition. Produced by Percept Pictures, the film is based on a bunch of slum children being trained to participate in a dance competition.

The title of the film would be ‘A Slumdog Millionaire Goes Dancing’; though it sounds like Danny’s English title, but here everything is ‘Desi’. A source says,

“Shiamak was very sure he wanted to direct a film that revolved around dancing. Since he has made a career out of working with kids he wants to cast a few in his film and dance as the centre of the plot. If you look at other choreographers turning to direction like Tharun Kumar and Farah Khan, the film has to have some amazing dancing in it.”

Instead of directing a full-fledged film, Shiamak chose to direct a film about dancing with slum kids. Shiamak’s former students like Shahid Kapoor and Ruslaan Mumtaz are sure to make guest appearances in the film.