News|May 4, 2011 1:04 am

Shenaz on her hot hot school teacher role in ‘Luv Ka The End’

If you have noticed, Shehnaz Treasurywaala in the promos of Luv Ka The End, then you must have made it by now that Shehnaz is playing a Teachers Role in the movie,

Shenaz also has written the film’s screenplay and dialogues, she is playing a guest appearance in the fillum.

When asked about her role, Shehnaz said,

Yes, I have a guest appearance in the film and play this hot and on-heat school teacher. I remember having a teacher like this in college for whom the boys could smell her pheromones even before she walked into class.

Hope I have half the effect on my students.

Apart from Bollywood Shehnaz is also working for American Soap, named ‘One Life To Live’,

Shehnaz said,

Yes, I have been on this soap since November and have been shooting almost everyday. My character Rama Patel is very popular. She’s a sexy, manipulative and dominating hottie with her eye on the prize and if it means cheating and lying, so be it”, details Shenaz, “She is having a hot affair with a sexy Cuban bartender while her poor husband Mr. Patel rots in jail.

I feel blessed being a working actor in New York as I have been acting more than ever.