News|January 27, 2011 8:59 am

Shatrughan To Play Kareena’s Father in The Bodyguard

After taking Sonakshi Sinha in his team, now its turn for her father to be part of his club. I am talking about Salman Khan who has now approached Shatrughan Sinha for a role in The Bodyguard.

Shatrughan Sinha also accepted the role on the recommendation of Salman Khan. Now, the actor will play a role of Kareena’s father. This is the first time the actor turned politician is working with Khan and Bebo. A source says,

“Salman is extremely fond of Sonakshi and her family. He’s been recommending her to everyone he meets.

When it came to casting someone in Kareena’s dad’s role, Sallu suggested Shotgun’s name to producer Atul Agnihotri. They thought he would suit the role really well.”

Surprisingly, Shatru also agreed to be a part of the film. The source adds,

“He’s extremely choosy about the films offered to him. The last time he agreed to do a film was Rakta Charitra that too at Ramu’s insistence. He couldn’t say no to Salman after all the support he’s given Sonakshi.”

Sinha Sr starts shooting his scenes in the coming days.