News|October 20, 2011 4:44 pm

Shashilal Nair not interested in selling Remake rights of Angaar

Shashilal Nair the co-producer of Angaar, now settled in London is staying away from the rumors of him giving the rights to remake Angaar, he is not at all interested in it,

Nair said,

I happen to be the film’s co-producer and I’ve no knowledge of any such plans of transaction. A software company Endemol was keen to remake Angaar and was chasing my office in Mumbai. But I am not too kicked by the idea of handing over the remake rights to anyone who asks for it.

Nair is currently learning and doing research on 5 denominational films, he said,

For some years now I’ve been busy researching and studying 5-dimensional filmmaking. I’ll be back in Mumbai to make another film.

Nair, who is currently studying 5-dimensional filmmaking in London, says he is no mood to remake any of his films.

Nair flew to other country because of  fading relation with his very good friend Jakie Shrof and the loss he was making because of some films, Jakie Shrof was asked to do steamy scenes with actress almost half of his age in Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ which was affected because of ‘Nishabd’ the Ram Gopal Varma’s film based on the same subject,

Jackie was also not comfortable in doing such scenes in ‘Ek Chotisi Love Story’ with Manisha Koirala as they both were very good friends, these issues let Nair fly out of the country and start again, he is settled with his family in London now, but he do have plans to come back to India and make film, but wont sell any rights of any of his films to remake.

Nair said,

I’ll be back soon. I am in and out of Mumbai anyway. As for Angaar, please leave it alone.