News|March 12, 2011 5:18 pm

Shahrukh’s RA.One Turned into Videogame

Shahrukh Khan’s Ra.One is now taking one more new form. The film has inspired a video game by the same name. The entire game is based on playstation format, which will be created is Los Angeles.

It’s a Shahrukh’s idea to create a game. A source says,

“Shah Rukh sat down with a lot of software experts and envisaged the game. He was thinking about it for a year. His thoughts on this precipitated only recently and the deal with the makers of the game was locked.”

“RA.One is Shah Rukh’s most ambitious venture till date and he is leaving no stone unturned. He might surprise you with a lot more other things during this year.”

RA.One is expected to release by 2011 end. Explaining what the game is about, the source said,

“There will be two main characters in the game, G.One and RA.One. Besides these two, there will be other fighters too. Basically, it’s a fight game.

The game has something unique for every age group at home. It will be available at many outlets even before the film hits the theatres.”

Shah Rukh has also ensured that Arjun’s and his characters in the game will have not only the same look but also the same weapons, which their characters carry in the film. Let the games begin.