News|September 4, 2011 4:26 pm

Shahrukh Khan will get schumaker to India

Shah Rukh Khan might just pull off a major publicity coup for his upcoming film Ra.One. he is also trying to get Michael Schumaker to race in the upcoming Noida Grand Prix, with the title embossed on his car.

According to a source, the actor is planning a tie-up with the Formula One World Championship to promote Ra.One during the Grand Prix that will take place in Noida on October 30.

According to the plans that are currently being formulated, Khan wants the cars participating in the Grand Prix to sport Ra.One logos. A source revealed, “The idea of tying up Ra.One’s promotions with the Formula One race in Noida is entirely Shah Rukh’s.

The details are being worked out. If all goes according to plan, Schumacher will be racing in a car that says, ‘Ra.One’.”