News|May 22, 2012 4:06 pm

Shahrukh Khan should build his own stadium!!!

Shahrukh Khan’s Indian Premiere League controversies just refuse to end. Just a few days after the controversy about his actions in Wankhede stadium last week, Srk has involved himself in a new controversy.

King Khan has been called by Rajasthan police regarding the case that has been filed against him for smoking at a public place i.e. at an IPL match on 8th April.

The complainant alleged that SRK broke the law that banned smoking in public spaces. Rajasthan cops have summoned Shahrukh to meet them on May 26 and explain his side of story. We can just hope this incident has a better ending unlike Wankhede controversy.

After so many controversies we suggest SRK to build his own stadium for himself and his team for next IPL season.