News|May 31, 2012 3:56 pm

Shahrukh ignores Poonam Pandey

Shahrukh Khan is always known for his fun loving nature and witty one liners. His media interviews are less of seriousness and more of entertainment.

After the successful win of Kolkatta Knight Riders in DLF IPL, Shahrukh held a press conference at Mannat. But in spite of raising the same question again and again Shahrukh Khan didn’t make any comment on Poonam Pandey’s brave act.

When he was asked to comment on her, he said,

“When we won the World Cup all our friends went out in cars waving our flag….when KKR won I did a cartwheel…everyone has their own way of expressing happiness..I can’t comment on this.”

Everyone was also amazed by SRK’s act of throwing chocolates at reporters who raised questions that he approved of and mint at those reporters who offended him.

It was funny watching reporters at the receiving end for the first time and this is the only reason why SRK is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it?