News|June 21, 2010 10:18 pm

Shahrukh Father’s day Celebrations

If he can do the best romantic scenes on-screen, and able to play messy-loving father on-screen, but the actor shows this pace off-screen as well. I am talking about loving husband and best father, Shahrukh Khan, who takes out his time for his kids in spite of his busy schedules.

Being a father of two kids, son Aryan and daughter Suhana, the Bollywood superstar says,

“Someone rightly said, ‘Any man can be a father, but it takes time to be a dad’. And that someone was just right.”

“Who is dad? He’s the mess-maker, rule-breaker, risk-taker and the opposite of mom who is usually seen as the creator and nurturer. But for all his mischief, dads are doing something quite right,”

Shahrukh who is currently on vacations with his kids said on the occasion of Father’s Day,

“Father’s Day is our day, to celebrate ‘being dad’. This day gives us the opportunity to show and express our love and care. It’s an appropriate platform to look at our children and credit them for bringing joy and happiness. After all, a child gives birth to a father as well. But even though it’s celebrated once a year, it’s the ever after effect of being a father that will keep us connected.

“A father’s role means different to different people so I cannot do justice by trying to define it. But in the traditional way, we hold the role of being the head of the family, protector and role models to our children. We are definitely the more unpredictable lot with our kids.

“At times we may have rocked our kids more than their moms have and rolled on the floor foolishly to play. So moms and dads are indeed different. And we know we cannot be like the mothers, but we do know that we can make all the difference by being right there.

“I understand it’s not easy, but I appreciate the effort that’s being put in by all fathers, as more and more fathers are becoming aware and taking their role and responsibility seriously and turning into great dads.”

Shahrukh has played loving-caring kind of modern father, who has friendly relations with his kids, in movies like K2H2, K3G and in the recent Pepsodent’s ad ‘Pappu and Pappa’.