News|January 27, 2011 9:21 pm

Shahrukh Doing Cameo in Karan Johar’s Next

Farah & Shahrukh parted their ways, but Karan Johar & Shahrukh are still together. How is it possible if Karan is making any film, and Shahrukh is not part of it? Well if he will not be doing full-fledged role, then Karan makes sure that Shahrukh must be there by performing a Cameo role. Yeah that’s true, Karan Johar is launching Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter in his next, in which Shahrukh will do a cameo in the film.

In-fact, Karan has taken a month-long break just to finish the script of the film, and define Shahrukh’s character in the film. Some rumors are there that Shahrukh is just producing the flick, and first time he is not part of Karan’s directorial venture. A source said,

“Rumours about SRK acting in KJo’s next had been doing the rounds but Karan’s constant silence about the film started giving people the impression that SRK was only planning to produce the film. But actually, both SRK and Karan are co-producing the film, which will launch newcomers Varun Dhawan , Siddarth Malhotra and Aaliya Bhatt. SRK will play the role of one of the professors in the college. The role will not be limited to a cameo; it will be full-fledged one.”

Might be possible Karan wants Shahrukh as a surprise package for the film. How true the story is, will be disclosed after the release of the film!