News|May 28, 2012 11:30 am

Shahrukh apologized ???

Shahrukh Khan was surrounded by the controversies this entire IPL, first a case filed against him for smoking in the Rajasthan and then SRK also got himself involved in a brawl at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.

But last night after his team KKR beat defending champions Chennai Super Kings on their home grounds, SRK felt quite relieved and took the opportunity to apologize to his kids and fans.

After his team won Shahrukh was seen doing cartwheels, jumping on his players, hugging all his staff members and finally he took all the kids and his wife to the middle of the field and gave a very straight forward interview to host Samir Kochar.

In the interview SRK apologized to his kids and fans by saying,

“I want to apologize to the kids and all my fans for my misbehavior at MCA. I apologize to all who saw that side of me. I shouldn’t have behaved in that manner. But today my team has won, so I guess, all you fans should forgive me. We have won at last,”

he said.

After that the superstar was asked to mouth a dialogue from Om Shanti Om, the actor saw it as the opportunity to taunt MCA and said,

“I should be careful or people will say I am drunk. I am just happy, not drunk!”

It clearly seems like SRK apologized to his fans and kids for his misbehavior he never mentioned MCA’s name, so maybe he is not sorry for what he did and maybe he still finds himself innocent and is just being polite by apologizing.