News|April 9, 2010 2:48 pm

Shahid Will take Air Force training for Mausam

After visiting his father Pankaj Kapoor’s spiritual guru for the Fillum Mausam, Shahid Kapoor is now going to take Training as a pilot.

Pankaj Kapoor who is knows for his perfect appearance on big screen who is know for his had work prepring for his character in all his movies is now seeing his Son following his foot prints, after spending good time with friend in Goa, Shahid is now back in the bollywood mode.
Shahid Said,

My best buddy Sriram and I just took off to chill. Needed to relax before I start my Dad’s film

Shahid wants to look convincing on the screen when he gets in to the Plane for the camera, that is why he wants to take training of an air force pilot, the training will be either at Begumpet on the ourskirts of Hyderabad or at the air base in gwalior, the Begumpet boasts of a private airport is closed to public airlines and used for chartered and private aircraft.

Shahid will be leaving for the training by the end of the month, he not just wants to learn how to fly the fighter planes but also the behavior and body language of his character from actual fighter planes. He would also be learning the rudiments of how to fly planes so that he would look convincing when he gets inside the plane for the camera.

Shahid will be first time playing a role of an Air Force Pilot.