Actors, Movies, News, Photos|March 25, 2010 11:42 pm

Shahid Kapoor’s Tantrums: Not Ready to Wear Vest on Badmaash Company Sets

Though Shahid doesn’t show tantrums to his directors and producers, but ever since he is shooting the film, Badmaash Company, he has been on a no adjusting mood. Shahid is playing a lead character in the Yash Raj’s banner Badmassh Company.

Shahid refused to wear a white vest as he was suppose to wear them. The entire team was bugged up with the fact that Shahid knew beforehand that he was required to wear the vest, but on sets, he created a scene disclosing the reason that he had not been working out in the gym for a while because of his father Pankaj Kapoor’s movie Mausam. As per Mausam’s role demand, he needs to show himself a depressed man and he had to look convincing for it.

Shahid rejected Aditya’s plea who specially wanted him to wear the vest. First time, directing, Parmeet Sethi, had to arrange for a half-sleeved white t-shirt. After then only Shahid agreed to shoot.

Phew! Now actors also showing their tantrums! Well, in film land, anything is possible, isn’t it?