News|February 4, 2012 10:42 am

Shahid Kapoor says he does not compete with any other actor

There’s a lot said and written about Shahid Kapoor off lately. Whether it is about his upcoming movies, his alleged linkups, or his competitors, Shahid is pretty much always surrounded with some buzz or the other.

And to the interest of the readers, Shahid Kapoor got candid in an interview with a daily, and speaking about his rivals in Bollywood, Shahid said that he does not compete with any other actor and never feels insecure coz of competition. He even said that the current generation of actors is really cool and they don’t really think of competing with each other!

Anyhow, when asked about his upcoming projects, Shahid Kapoor revealed that he has signed a film under the Yash Raj banner which will be directed by Maneesh Sharma. He said that he’ll work in three films in a year from now, provided he gets good scripts!

Also, while there is a lot of buzz about Shahid Kapoor working with Karan Johar, Shahid said that it is too early to talk about that project right now!

Now, coming to the most important question – Shahid Kapoor’s love life! Shasha said that though he is currently single, whenever he shall fall in love, he’ll hold the hand of his lady love and walk with pride! Wonder why he hasn’t done that in the past? Wink.