News|November 7, 2012 5:42 pm

Shahid Kapoor : I am a huge Dhoni fan

Said Shahid Kapoor, and also calls him an ‘icon’. Recently while sharing his view on India’s Prime Icon show on Big CBS Prime, where Dhoni is among the top 20 contenders on the show competing for the title of India’s Prime Icon.

Shaid Said,

I am a huge Dhoni fan. I think what he’s done for the team is phenomenal. He won the World Cup for us, he’s a huge icon. I think he’s absolutely fantastic,

I was there at the finals when India was playing and I got lost. Because when we all came out after the match got over, it felt like we’d just gotten independence or something because the roads were just blocked, my car couldn’t reach me, my security was on the other side and I was just standing alone.