News|April 12, 2012 10:30 am

Shah Rukh Khan’s special gifts for Katrina

Khan indulges the actress with designer jackets, a gym bag and even lends his bodyguards for a day. When Katrina Kaif shot in the freezing climes of London recently, co-star Shah Rukh Khan made sure she had enough jackets to keep her warm by sending his staff to buy some for her. What’s more, a few days ago a fancy new gym bag too arrived on the sets of their Yash Chopra film courtesy SRK, with a card that read,

Have a great workout!

He sent her the present after being told that Kat was looking for a particular bag.

SRK is known to be generous when it comes to buying gifts for people he likes. And Katrina is the newest person on the list of friends he likes to spoil. The two actors are working together for the first time in this as-yet untitled film. A source working on the film reveals that the charming Khan made sure his leading lady was well-taken care of during their long outdoor stint abroad.

He even asked his personal staff to make sure she was comfortable and that her every need was catered to. After a security issue occured during the film’s London schedule, SRK asked his bodyguards to be by Kat’s side and ensure that she wasn’t mobbed by aggressive fans.

The actress is known to travel without security and even moves around in the city without bodyguards, unlike other actresses.

And it seems that apart from being her co-star, SRK has also turned into her confidant. The source adds,

She loves talking to him and often asks him for professional as well as personal advice.