News|May 19, 2011 2:10 am

Shah Rukh Khan Hurt His Leg


The Star is injured once again, Shah Rukh Khan has hurt his leg in a puddle,

Shah Rukh attended the music launch of Alway Kabhi Kabhi his home production on wednesday, it was seen on his face the he was not comfortable because of his leg injury,

When asked, he said,

I have hurt my leg, I wish I could say it happened during the shoot of Ra.One or Don2, but it happened when my leg got stuck into a puddle recently, I turned my leg to take out my foot and the meniscus (cartilage) got ruptured.

Shah Rukh has been ethlet since school days, he has always been sports enthusiast so injuries are a part of his life, he has sufferred a hairline fracture on his knee cap while he was shooting for his film Koyla, he also had tore a shoulder muscle, and a back injury followed by a surgery.