News|October 30, 2012 7:10 pm

Shabana Azmi: Cinema not fully exploited in India yet

At The panel discussion on ‘A century in retrospect: 100 years of India cinema’. Shabana Azmi who was accompanied by Director Shekhar Kapur and Shyam Benegal. expressed her view about how Cinema is not fully exploited in India.

She said,

The diversity and the hardwireness of aesthetics come deeply from within our roots and gives a uniqueness to our film industry, but have we been able to live up to the challenge? Hundred years later, isn’t it time to understand what our identity is,

In a bid to cater to the international market, there is a lot of confusion on what kind of films do we make in our cinema. Our cinema is unique because it is based in our roots, but we haven’t risen to the sophistication of the medium itself,

We have adopted from theatre, drama, music but inherently cinema has not been exploited as a medium, neither in the genre nor in the technicalities.

What we are doing with the latest technology is that we are making same films in cheaper form, instead of exploring it. It is a good time to revisit what we are doing and where are we heading.