News|July 8, 2010 12:14 am

Sequel of Singh Is Kinng 2!

Bollywood always follow some trends every decade, either it could be trend of making action films, or romantic flicks, or any other; this decade Bollywood is following the trend of making sequels. In this sequel trend, Akshay’s Singh Is Kinng is also going to add. The idea has been given by Akshay Kumar to Vipul Shah.

Vipul Shah, who was in confusion whether to direct the film or not, but after seeing Anees Bazmi’s hectic schedule, he decided to direct the film himself. Vipul said,

“Yes, after much planning and plotting, and two years since the first film, we’ve finally cracked an idea that works. My writer Suresh Nair and I are happy with what we’ve come up with. And yes I’ll be directing the sequel.”

The idea of making came into existence when Akshay was shooting for Patiala House in London, where his Sikh fans in Great Britain asked him when they had get to see him as Sikh again. Immediately Akshay contacted his friend, Vipul and disclosed his idea of making ‘Singh Is Kinng 2’. Akshay says,

“Yes, a lot of fans in the UK are eager to see us do a sequel to ‘Singh Is Kinng’. And I’ve asked Vipul to get on with it.”

The only glitch is that King’s queen Katrina is quite busy till the next year. And the sequel cannot be made without her.  Vipul says,

“She won’t let me or Akshay make it without her. We’ll just have to see how her dates are worked out.”