News|April 22, 2010 10:57 pm

Sendhil Speaks Just 15 words in his Next Flick Shor

After doing Gurindar Chadda’s “It’s A Wonderful Afterlife”, the US based Indian actor Sendhil Ramamurthy, will now make his debut in Bollywood with ‘Shor’. But amazing part is that he has just 15 words to speak in the entire movie.

“Shor” is being produced by Ekta Kapoor.  35-year-old actor Sendhil says,

“Trust me, I’ve counted them. I tried to get them to cut it down. I had 30 Hindi words to begin with. I got them reduced by half. I must be the only actor in the world who has actually asked for my lines to be cut.”

He added that his family belongs to South India, where people hardly speak Hindi. And for those 15 words, he got a Hindi tutor to teach him Hindi. He memorized them on his iPod and while driving and other work, he learnt those 15 words.

Sendhil Ramamurthy who was unhappy after seeing him speaking fire Hindi dialogues in Hindi dubbed of ‘It’s A Wonderful Afterlife’. He says,

“I’ve heard myself speak in French, Japanese, Polish and so many other languages that my serial ‘Heroes’ was dubbed in. It sounds weird. It takes away from the performance. Now I’m about to hear myself in Hindi. I wish they just had Hindi subtitles.”

Accepting that he enjoyed working with Gurinder and he praises Sabana Aazmi. He accepts that he will not be carrying full-fledged career in Bollywood as he can’t speak Hindi.