News|April 16, 2011 11:47 pm

Sanjay Suri Replaced Karishma in Onir’s I Am

Do you know who was playing initially Sanjay Suri’s role in much talked film, Onir’s I am? It was Lolo, yeah that’s true initially, Karishma Kapoor who was considered for Sanjay Suri’s role. Interestingly, the film was originally titled as ‘You And I’.

However, the actress later changed her mind about returning to Bollywood. But the filmmaker was passionate about the subject, he changed the character of the female child to male kid and approached his good friend, Sanjay Suri for the role of the protagonist. Onir also confirms the role,

“Karisma liked the script and decided to make a comeback with it. We were in talks. The last thing she told me that she wasn’t sure if it’s the right time for her to make a comeback. That was the end of it.As I wanted to tell the story, I turned Karisma’s character to a male character and decided to cast Sanjay in it.”

When asked what all he had to change following the change in the character, he said,

“Sexual abuse affects boys and girls in a different ways. The male victim goes into a denial mode, questions his manhood and is also confused about his sexual identity, whereas a woman has to encounter abuse every single day. Thus, the way one handles it is different.”

He added that there is a common factor that concerns both male and female.

“It’s the fear of commitment and lack of trust, as one has been betrayed by someone very close. It also makes one feel lonely and guilty.”