News|October 25, 2010 11:37 pm

Sanjay Might Play Baba Ramdev

It’s true that many pupils have been inspired by life of Ramdev Baba but Mani Shankar is so much inspired that the filmmaker has decided to make a movie based on his life. Now, if I ask to imagine a star playing his character, if you are thinking of Sanjay Dutt, then right, the actor might seen as Baba Ramdev in Mani’s next.

The thought came into existence when filmmaker, Mani Shankar and Knock Out producer, Amitabh Parekh met Baba Ramdev at Chandigarh, where a spcial screening was arranged for him. Baba Ramdev not only spoke to his disciples about Knock Out and how much he liked Sanjay Dutt in it, but he also expressed his desire to watch the film. After watching the film, Baba Ramdev sent out bulk messages to his six crore devotees recommending the film.

And in-result, Mani Shankar and a friend of Sanjay Dutt will be coming together in a film that he will direct next. Mani says,

I’m very impressed by Baba Ramdev’s Swabhimaaan Andolan. I wanted to make a film on the subject for a very long time. It was ominous that while I was in Chandigarh with Baba Ramdev, I got to know that Sanju was blessed with twins. I think the two Babas in my life were always fated to come together.”