News|June 12, 2010 11:56 am

Sanjay Gandhvi Landed into Trouble

Sanjay Gandhvi, who are dreaming to make a film, 7 Days In Paris starring Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif, has landed himself into trouble as the Indian Film Company, which was producing the film, has filed a criminal complaint against the director. The case has been filed under

Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and wrongful loss of Rs 5.20 crore. As the production house in 2008 signed Sanjay for directing two of their movies, and when they approved the first film, 7 Days In Paris, Gandhvi was failed to give them right script. As per sources,

“After the script was locked, the studio spoke to Imran and Katrina for the lead roles and, eventually, the two actors gave their consent and dates. But Sanjay failed to give the final script and screenplay to the actors. And soon the actors began getting approached for other movies. So the studio, after much consideration, allowed them to take up other offers instead of wasting their dates,”

After a couple of months, once again Gandhvi announced that he was ready with the script casting afresh. But again he failed. The source added,

“That’s when we approached Neil Nitin Mukesh and Genelia D’Souza. However, the script was still a bit too long. So it required some trimming and tweaking. Sanjay said he would finish that at the earliest and give the final script to the actors in time for the shoot.”

Meanwhile, the studio hired the entire production crew for the shoot, and also started pre-production for the movie. The source continued saying,

“So costumes were made and trials were conducted with the actors, so that there would be no problems during the final shoot. Apart from this, the studio also sent recce teams to Paris, Prague and a couple of other places, to shortlist the filming locations

However, once again, the final script never reached to actors. When the anxious producers asked Sanjay regarding this, Gandhvi lost the interest in the subject and denied to make the film. Furious producers decided to file a legal complaint against him.

Soon after Indian Film Company filed the complaint against Gadhvi, it came up before the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, New Delhi, on June 5.