News|June 21, 2010 9:59 pm

Sanjay Dutt Supports NGO for Lamhaa

Sanjay Dutt has taken the initiative to spread the message of his movie Lamhaa. Based upon the terrorism in Kashmir, the movie portrays the stuggle of localites caught in the crossfire between terrorists and politicians.

In order to spread the message of peace and harmony, Dutt is now going to support a NGO named Shikhar, which works for the welfare of children affected by terrorism. He says,

“I am supporting Shikhar because it involves children who have been affected by terrorism. I have met some of them and their stories have made me break down. It’s really sad…I want to help them. They are still cheerful in spite of the fact that life has dealt them these painful blows. We have to give them our love and support  and show them that there’s still a beautiful world out there.”

Producer Bunty Walia comments,

“It tells the story of people in Kashmir who are bearing the brunt of it all. Terrorism is an important part of the film, but the message is that of peace and harmony. Sanju recently met a few kids scarred by terrorism and he was deeply touched.”

Sanjay Dutt is also part of the NGO Support, which works for the rehabilitation of poor.

Hmmm. Looks like Sanju Baba is following the footsteps of his father Late Mr.Sunil Dutt who worked for the social welfare throughout his life.