News|September 10, 2010 12:45 am

Salman Shown his Big Heart by Donating Bus to School

Though Salman Khan is promting his production house flick, Dabangg, but still has time for social activities. This time, the actor has gifted a brand new bus to Snehalaya Special School for mentally challenged kids located at Mira Road, Mumbai.
The school is run by Salman’s rakhi sister Alina Kohli, who takes the help of her cousin sister Rita Carvalo as well. Alina, who was introduced to Salman Khan by Govinda, says,

“My cousin Rita runs a school for special children. Since we don’t have funds to buy a bus, our students travel by auto rickshaws to the school. As they are not in their right physical and mental state, they are always in danger. One of the kids had a fit recently and he fell from the auto rickshaw. A few days later, I happened to meet Salmanji and he asked me why I was tense. When I narrated the incident and told him that we couldn’t afford a bus, his instant reaction was, ‘Don’t worry, I will get you a bus for your school”

Salman Khan immediately made a call and ordered a forty-seater bus for our school. Alina also adds,

“The kids are all fans of his. They wanted to watch one of his shooting schedules. So we went to meet him at Bandra and he handed us the keys of the bus. As a token of gratitude, the children tied rakhis on his wrist.”